Enchanted by Clothing

I recently joined – well, I don’t even know how I’d describe it – a clothing Netflix, of sorts. It’s called Le Tote, and for $59 a month, you receive an unlimited number of “totes,” which include three pieces of clothing, two accessories and priority shipping both ways. 

As a busy stay-at-home mom raising two preschoolers, I really don’t get out much to shop for fashionable items. When I came across a sponsored ad on Facebook (naturally), I checked it out, and it sounded interesting enough for me to give it a spin, for at least a month.

When I created an account, I was asked about my style preferences, sizes and measurements. Then, I was presented with my first items Le Tote selected for me. Frankly, I wasn’t impressed, as we live where there are warmer spring temperatures. Most of the suggestions were better suited for cooler climates. 

One of the great things about Le Tote is that when presented with your items, if there’s something you don’t particularly like, you can swap it for something else. So, that’s what I did with most of the items they chose for me. 

Check out my unboxing video!

(Fair warning, my kiddos were running wild in the background and caused some interference midway through – so this video offers some “real life” stuff!)

I wasn’t excited about my first tote, but gave it a try. I’ll admit, however, I was looking forward to my trendy accessories! 

Not really “digging” this top.

Since I didn’t care for the other pieces – a lightweight navy sweater that was too small and a long-sleeve, v-neck tee with ruching on the sides – I sent back the entire tote three days after it arrived.

Loving this royal blue, 3/4 sleeve, rayon v-neck and the trendy necklace and earrings.

After you have a chance to wear your items, you can use the Le Tote app (which is super handy for managing your subscription and letting Le Tote know about styles you love) to rate your tote. This helps Le Tote better select items for your next tote. I gave my first tote three stars. 

I’m definitely looking forward to my second shipment. Stay tuned along with me!


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