A Message from the Master Gardener

Mid-morning, the kids were running wild around the house. Must be spring fever, or the fact their daddy had a day off, so we all had time together at home. Whatever the case, as you can imagine with a four-year-old and a 22-month old, their behavior warranted some time outside. So, I put my “inside chores” aside, and we all went outside. That’s when I was reminded of something very important: John 15:1-17, specifically the first eight verses.
I continue to be amazed with God’s subtle messages for my life. Even when I am not faithful in my quiet time, He is the faithful and loving parent always caring for me and speaking to my heart. This morning, I listened. 

I knew my spring flowers needed some attention. Did I water them too much? Not enough? Too much sun? I needed to investigate. By going outside as a family, and because I don’t have the propensity to sit still for very long, I took to pruning. 

As I removed the dead flowers, I was reminded of how God is our divine gardener. He opened my eyes as to how he continually prunes aspects of my life to make way for more areas to bloom. It’s a continual process, and it takes work. But pruning is worth it. I thought my flowers were on their last leg, but after I’d pruned them, they looked brighter and even more lovely than before. Then, I realized, this must be the same for our lives as well, if only we put all our trust and faith in our Master Gardner. 

John 15:1-8 was God’s message for me this morning!

I’m so thankful my heart was open this morning to hear God’s message for me, and it’s one I wanted to share with you! Plus, it’s always a joy to watch our “little helpers” enjoy being outside as much as we do!

Ranger hard at work.

“Sweeping” the sidewalk.

Little Miss “in charge” of the weed bucket.


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