Family Enchantment, Take Two

I’ve been wanting to have a blog for some time (years!), now. Honestly, I don’t know how some women make it happen. Or better, WHEN they make it happen. Especially, if they are stay-at-home-moms raising little ones. 

We have a 3.5 year old and a 16-month old. My time on the computer is extremely limited. It’s easier to jump on my phone and connect to social media for few minutes here or there than it is to sit at my computer and craft – what I would deem to be – a good story worthy of your time. Additionally, it’s just not the same typing with my thumbs (which I’m doing with this post) as it is really feeling the keyboard and typing with all 10 fingers. So, needless to say, this post is really a “restart,” of sorts. A Facebook page of a different name is the best I’ve been able to maintain for some time, and I’m thankful to each of my followers! 

I’ve been a writer my whole life. My educational background is journalism. Blogging seems like a natural fit. When talking with my husband about the idea a few years ago, he was supportive, but said, “YouTube is where it’s at!” 

Did I mention I’m a writer?! I’m not one to be on camera. If I am, I’m prepared with a script or talking points. Usually, I’m preparing these items for other people to be on camera! The thought of making a video is scary. I think it the talking into the Web cam that gets me. 

In the “old days,” we used story boards to ensure a well-produced video. Now, it seems anyone and everyone is making a video, and of anything you can imagine!

Thinking about a blog, crafting videos, posting to social media, and all that goes along with successful blogging can easily overwhelm me, thus, I do nothing. I let my perfectionism get in the way of just moving forward and going for it. Whatever “it” is. In a nutshell, that is my life! 

Well, with this first blog post, I’m moving past that. This post may not be perfect. I’m not perfect! I don’t have “it” all together. I enjoy my life, my family. I have great ideas, and I typically make them happen (sometimes, even, eventually)! 

I labored over a blog name for a looooong time. I wanted it to be just perfect. I wanted to define my audience, have a vision, craft objectives and strategies. My husband asked me, “Do you think the successful bloggers do this?” Of course I exclaimed, “YES!” His retort?! “No! It evolves. Many of the well-known bloggers didn’t know where it would take them. You just have to start somewhere!” 

Honestly, I was convinced the Pioneer Woman started out to gain a cookbook deal and notoriety, and now, she has cookware at Wal-Mart! Do I think she envisioned all that?! Back then, I might have said “yes,” but now, I’m beginning to think my hubby had it right. Social media, blogging, videos – they all offer potential that continually evolves.

That particular conversation I mentioned was more than two years ago. And, nearly two years to the date I posted one of my first videos (scripted, no less) to YouTube: Welcome to Family Enchantment.
The purpose of the video was to share with viewers the name of our YouTube channel, its purpose and what to expect. I’ve taken a lot of video footage since then, but just haven’t posted anything. It’s been TWO YEARS, people! (Can you tell I’m really kicking myself?!) 

It’s a combination of nerves, lack of video editing knowledge, TIME and fear of failure that have prevented me from moving forward. Oh, and did I mention time?! 

Since that first video, we’ve had numerous opportunities to film, write about and share many things about our journey! Our son has not only grown through the toddler phase (which means – in short – nap transitions, new and different development stages and needs (um, you noticed the blue line in the picture, ya, that was my son who cracked my laptop screen), potty training, adapting to a new school, and more), but – and this is a biggie – he gained a SISTER! Giving birth to another human is a HUGE responsibility, even more so with breastfeeding. All of this took time, and there just wasn’t more of it to give to the blogosphere. 

Additionally, since that first video, we put our home on the market, moved, spent a summer with kids not in a “mother’s day out” program (all you moms know what THAT means), we enjoyed a week-long vacation to the mountains, several camping trips, tended to misc. important family matters, I gained an increase in leadership responsibilities and obligations with my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) ministry; of course, there was also back to school, our son’s first soccer season, naturally, the regular tasks of keeping a clean home, meal prep/planning, laundry, pets, etc., and last, but certainly not least, spending important time with my children and amazing husband! Again, I wonder, “when is there time for a blog?!”

All of this is not to make excuses, but rather share my intentions and hope for what will evolve in the future. I’m downloading some helpful apps to my iPhone that I hope will make it more convenient for me to share our adventures more regularly. 

And, with each post, I’m learning how to transfer my thoughts from my brain to my thumbs (as opposed to letting my thoughts flow through all 10 fingers), and I’m hoping each video will also improve overtime. 

Consider this your invitation to stick with us, cheer us on, and celebrate along the way as this exciting endeavor evolves. Here’s to hoping for where we might be in another two years! 


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